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Basic Info

Please check out my tabs to the left for information about Elementary Health and Physical Education!



This year I will be using SeeSaw to take pictures and videos of what we are doing in class. As well as send messages to remind you that your child has phys. ed. A QR code paper will come home at the beginning of the year. If you would like to sign-up through email please email me at karen_szobocsan@pasd.us I can email you the online link to sign-up instead of the QR code.


Fitness Club Information

Lingle Fitness Clubs is on cycle day 5 in the morning and Northside is on on cycle day 4 in the morning. 


Google Classroom Instructions (4th and 5th grade).

What you need to do to get into Google Classroom:
1. Go to Google
2. Type in Google Classroom
3. Click on Google Classroom
4. Sign in with: Student #@students.pasd.us
5. Password: students came up with their own passwords based on 1 word and then their # or their number then a word.
6. Click on their teachers name.
7. Click on: (Sport) Journal Response
8. Click on: (Sport) Journal Response (comes up in a new page)
9. The response should open in another window. Students can read the directions at the top, pick A or B, There is a rubric so they know how I am grading their response, and then at the bottom just start typing the response. It automatically saves. When done, at the top right of the page, click turn in.


Upcoming Events:

March/April, 2020

"The Talks"- 4th & 5th Grade

Below is the video link from Procter & Gamble School Program. If you would like to preview what we are going to be showing.

If you scroll to the bottom it shows the videos. The co-ed is for the 4th grade students. We are going to be discussing hygiene with them instead of watching the video. If you want to use the video as a resource at home please do so. 

The next two videos to the right are the new Always Changing- Boys & the Always Changing- Girls. We will be watching these with the 5th grade boys and girls. Boys and girls will be separated in different classrooms. Girls will have an elementary female health and physical education teacher talking to them and the boys will have an elementary male health and physical education teacher talking to them.

If you have any questions please email me at karen_szobocsan@pasd.us

Here is the link:





Field Days 2020- 

 May 1- Kindergarten (Rain Date- May 4)
 May 8- Pine St (Rain Date- May 11)
 May 22- NS (Rain Date- May 26)
 May 29- Lingle 1-5 (Rain Date- June 1)
  ??? - Forge Rd (Rain Date- ???)