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Mrs. Milne
Health/Physical Education

Welcome to Health and Physical Education, a subject that makes your heart RACE! 

 I have been a Health and Physical Education Teacher Since 2014 and spent the first three years of my career in a middle school. This is my second year with Palmyra and I am eager and excited!

I am a 2014 Graduate of Lock Haven University with a Bachelors Degree in Health and Physical Education and a 2017 Graduate with a Masters Degree in Health Sciences/Health Promotion.

In my free time my husband, our dogs Otto & Ozzi, and I enjoy running, biking, kayaking, skiing, mostly all things health and fitness related! 
 This class is comprised of units that are meant to increase the health and wellness of all students. The expectation is for students to work hard while having fun!


"The Talks"- 4th & 5th Grade

Below is the video link from Procter & Gamble School Program. If you would like to preview what we are going to be showing.

If you scroll to the bottom it shows the videos. The co-ed is for the 4th grade students. We are going to be discussing hygiene with them instead of watching the video. If you want to use the video as a resource at home please do so. 

The next two videos to the right are the new Always Changing- Boys & the Always Changing- Girls. We will be watching these with the 5th grade boys and girls. Boys and girls will be separated in different classrooms. Girls will have an elementary female health and physical education teacher talking to them and the boys will have an elementary male health and physical education teacher talking to them.

If you have any questions please email me at Kelci_milne@pasd.us

Here is the link: