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Course Map

Unit:1 The Age of Exploration                                                

Key Concepts/Learnings:

1. Exploration and Conquest

2. Early Economic systems (mercantilism etc.)

3. The Age of Enlightenment


4.  Mercantilism



Unit: 2 From Colonies to Country


Key Concepts/Learnings:

1.  Colonial Governments

2.  Colonial Economies


3.  Colonial Protest


Unit: 3 The American Revolution


Key Concepts/Learnings:

1.  Causes of Conflict


2.  Military Conflict        

3.  Independence

4.  Foreign Alliances

5.  Social Change in war time


6.  Roles of Women In the Revolution

Unit: 4 The Constitution


Key Concepts/Learnings:

1.  Roles of Federal, State and Local governments


2.  Powers in the Constitution    

3.  The Bill Of Rights

4.  How Early American Government functioned 

5. The development of the Three Branches in Early America

Unit: 5 The Early Years of the Republic


Key Concepts/Learnings:

1.  Early Administrations 

2.  Conflict and Cooperation in politics 

3.  Written and Unwritten rights

4.  Continuity and Change in government



Unit: 6 The Nation expands


Key Concepts/Learnings:

1.  Regional Sectionalism

2.  Economic expansion     

3.  Economic Sectionalism


4.  Historical Interpretation and Re-interpretation

5.  Slavery and Enslavement

6.  Social Reform Movements


7.  Political Reform


8. Ethnic and Race Relations

9. Immigration and Settlement Patterns


Unit: 7 The Civil War                                                                     

Concepts: (9 or Less)

1. Causes

2.  Political events 

3.  Economic events and issues


4.  Diplomatic issues (Trent affair etc)


5.  Slavery and Emancipation

6.  Social Reform Movements


7.  Military events Gettysburg and major Battles and their effects


8. Effects of the War and new Economic developments due to outcome