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Cougar Academy CFL

Course Description: 1 Credit

Students will expand upon the 10th grade Career Education course and further explore their career choices by developing a career strategy, exploring workplace expectations, developing a plan for a school-to-work transition, and preparing for lifelong learning. Students will develop and present an Electronic Career Portfolio to showcase their achievements, growth, vision, reflection, skills, experience, training, and career goals. The second half of the course will focus on an increased understanding of financial literacy. During this part of the course, students will study earning and reporting income, managing finances and budgeting, saving and investing, buying goods and services, banking and financial institutions, and using credit.  This version of the course will be completed online.

*Students may choose to complete this course in a traditional classroom and/or at home with parent and administrative permission. Completing one version of the course is required for all students in grade 11.

Additional Course Information can be found in Schoology