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Ms Hicks

COVID-19 Resources

  Stress can be a huge factor with the transition of the continuity of education at home and changes in schedule to our daily life. Know that we are all working together on this and will continue to work together to make it the best for you and your children. This is new for all of us and it may take some time to get into a new groove. I have a provided resources for your knowledge and use. Children and parents, alike, may be experiencing feelings of anxiety and confusion. I hope that these resources will help to work through some of those emotions.
   If your child has Guidance/ROAR class with me, I have a tab for some lessons/activities to continue to work on developing the social/emotional aspects of your child. These lessons may help students to be able to work through and talk about their feelings during these changing times. 
   Remember to try and value these moments that you are able to spend with your children and loved ones.  At these challenging times, it allows us to really stop and appreciate what matters and reconnect with our families. Bake cookies, play outside, make an obstacle course, play games as a family and enjoy this family time. 
   Please do not hesitate to reach out to me through email with any questions or concerns you may have.
    Stay Healthy and Safe!