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Accounting I

Course Description: Grades 10, 11, & 12

  • Accounting I gives the student an overall picture of a basic accounting system, as well as intensive drill and skill-building in each phase of work of an accountant. Accounting I increases business vocabulary and develops an understanding of business organization and procedures. It serves as a sound foundation of further study in the field of accounting or as an excellent background for business students, office workers, and future business owners. First-year Accounting presents all phases of elementary accounting principles, payrolls and document forms commonly used in business transactions. Each type of business transaction is thoroughly studied through the use of written exercises similar to those met by a vocational accountant. 
    • Sophomores and Juniors may apply credit earned in Accounting I to the general elective graduation requirement.
    • Seniors may apply credit earned in Accounting I to the math or general elective graduation requirement.
    • User Fee = $20

Additional Course Information can be found in Schoology