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Mrs. Dorwart

6th-8th grade P.A.C.E. classes

All students, grades 6-8, will receive approximately 10-12 P.A.C.E. (Personal, Academic and Career Enrichment) classes throughout each school year. P.A.C.E. classes partner with Reference as a quarter class. The purpose and goal of our P.A.C.E. classes are to connect with the students regularly, work through topics that are beneficial for adolescent growth and prepare them for their transition into high school.
         We will be incorporating the Naviance program into our classes. Naviance is a program that works through skills to promote career exploration, goal setting, positive self- exploration and post-secondary options. This program will begin in 6th grade and follow the students through to graduation.
As a part of P.A.C.E. class, students will learn some of the following skills:
* Listening to yourself and promoting positive self-image
* Overcoming obstacles
* Identifying support systems
* How I learn best
* Teamwork and conflict resolution
* Habits for success and defining success
* Developing my interests and learning how to step outside of my comfort zone
* Getting involved (school, home and community)
* Future plans and career exploration
* Post-Secondary options and research

 We encourage students to share these materials that we go over in class with their families. We also know that keeping the connection between class and home is very essential to student development. All students will receive a Naviance log in that is also accessible through the Family Portal (available through any computer outside of school). Information on accessing your Naviance program at home can be found on our main school counseling webpage under the "Naviance Login Tips". 
In addition to Naviance and career building, these additional topics will be covered by grade level:

7th Grade:
     Students will learn how to identify bullying behaviors and the importance of working togethers to eliminate it so that everyone feels safe at school, at home and in the community.
      * Understanding the difference between bullying and              teasing.
      * Bullying behavior (physical, emotional, verbal and cyber).
    * Consequences of bullying for a target, a bully and    bystanders.
     * Strategies to respond to bullying and how bystanders help  to eliminate bullying. 

·      8th Grade: High School Preparation and Course Selection
    * 8th grade will, in addition to Naviance, discuss important  aspects of high school life. This includes GPA and class  rank. 
    * Discussion of high school schedule (what is a block  schedule?).
    * Viewing of course catalogue and strategies for 9th grade  course selection.