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8th grade Transition to HS

8th Grade Transition to HS

The School Counseling Office provides opportunities to help the 8th grade students make a successful transition to the high school.  These opportunities include:


             Transition information is provided through the 8th grade class students have with their School Counselor.  More information can be found under that link.

             The high school administration and school counselors come to the middle school to meet with students to provide them with course selection materials and answer questions.

             A field trip to the LCCTC is provided for all students to learn about the programs that are available in high school.

             8th grade students visit the high school for a guided tour of the building, along with the experience of purchasing and eating lunch in the high school cafeteria.

             There is an opportunity for all incoming 9th graders and parents to attend an informational meeting about the high school.

             Students are assigned to a School Counselor at the high school based on last name, who will follow them throughout their high school career.

             School Counselors provide information about student needs for the upcoming year.