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Course Syllabus

1.  Early Humans-  Students will learn about the origins of the first humans.  We will explore the first humans to walk the earth, and learn about their Hunter/Gatherer Societies.  SURVIVAL will be the main theme of this unit.

2.  The Fertile Crescent-  Unit #2 focuses on the region where the worlds first settlements were located.  We will analyze what changes took place from the Earliest Humans, to allow the people of the Fertile Crescent to settle down in one location.

3.  Ancient Egypt-  In Unit #3 students will explore the wonders of Egypt.  The development of religion and government will be analyzed, and we will also examine the many monuments and structures that Egypt is so well known for.

4.  Ancient China-  The focus of Unit #4 will be the mystery of Ancient China.  China is often forgotten when we study the great Ancient Civilizations.  We will explore the numerous innovations and technological advances that came out of China.  

5.  Ancient Greece-  Mythology, Trade, and Independent City-States are the focus of Unit #5.  The Greeks are a very influential group of people, and we will explore the ways their governments and innovation impact our lives today.  

6.  Ancient Rome-  Innovation and Expansion are major themes of Unit #6.  The Ancient Romans are true examples of the power of Human Achievement.  We will explore the evolution of Rome from a small town located on 7 hills, to the Ancient World's lone super power.    

7.  Middle Ages-  Following the fall of the Roman Empire, Western Europe plunged into a time of darkness.  In Unit #7 we will explore what made the Middle Ages so "Dark".  We will analyze how government changed in Europe,  and how many of the policies put in place would impact the world for hundreds of years to come.