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Information for Forge Parents




New Parents/Students

We encourage parents of students new to our district to call the Forge Road office at 717-838-1331 opt#4 to schedule a tour of our building and meet with our principal, prior to your first day. At that time we can answer questions you may have about academics, transportation, or any concerns you may have. Our goals is to help make your child's transition to a new school as smooth as possible.

Our district does schedule transition days for incoming 1st grade students, that are enrolled in the district Kindergarten program, at the end of their Kindergarten year. Should an incoming 1st grade student be absent for their transition visit, parents are welcome to call and schedule a tour with our principal.

Arrival to School

Our aides and monitors are on duty at the playground areas starting at 8:30AM each morning. For the safety of your child please do not have students arrive to the building or playground areas prior to 8:30AM!

Parent Visits for Lunch

Parents coming to enjoy lunch with their child are asked to call the office before 9:00am, if they are ordering a school lunch.

Please DO NOT bring ANY outside food, other than a brown bag lunch packed at home. Thank you for you cooperation!

Attendance Reminders

* Call to report your child off when sick 717-838-1331 opt#4

* Send a note within 3 days of their return, even if you have called

* When off 3 or more days they must have a medical note when they return

* File the Educational Trip Form for pre-approval of anything not medically related, this form must be submitted to the principal no less than 3 school days prior to trip, and can be picked up in the office or found on the website

*Students must be in their classroom by the 8:50AM bell otherwise they are considered tardy


AlertNow Attendance Calls

As a safety precaution, if your child is absent from school an automated attendance call will be sent to you, even if you have reported your child’s absence. If you receive the call and have not reported your child’s absence, please call the school immediately. We thank you for being pro-active in reporting your student off when ill.


Change of Dismissal/Transportation

Whenever your child has any change of dismissal that is not their normal routine, a note should be sent to the teacher that morning. If the change occurs during the school day, please call the office before 2:50 pm, and follow the change with a written note.


Parents that wish to meet with teachers or the principal should call ahead to make an appointment to ensure their availability.


All visitors to the building or school grounds are expected to sign in at the office and receive a visitors tag. Visitors will be asked to leave their keys in the office until they conclude the visit. If visitors do not have keys then ID will be kept in the office until the visit is concluded.


**Visitors will not be allowed on the playground without the appropriate clearances on file in the office.


Parent Car Drop off in AM: Enter from the access road from South Duke St. this is a one-way road. Proceed to the five designated spaces for drop off . A monitor will instruct you to park in a space. Students will exit from the passenger side of your vehicle to the sidewalk area & enter the playground through a gate that is adjacent to these parking spots. All other cars shall wait patiently in line, behind these parking areas. For Safety -Do not attempt to pass those dropping off. After drop off, cars will exit through the parking lot & continue off of school grounds via Prince Street.


Please note: During the morning arrival and afternoon dismissal of students, Prince Street will be an EXIT ONLY area. You will not be able to enter Prince Street to the school parking lot until 9:15.



Parent Picking Up During the School Day: The Access Road will not be available during the school day. Parents needing to pick up students during the school day are instructed to access the school parking lot from Prince Street, (which is only one-way during arrival and dismissal times). Once in the parking lot area, there are designated parking spaces separated from staff parking. After picking up your child, exit the via Prince Street. The ability to use Prince Street to go in/out of the parking lot is only during school hours of 9:15-3:15.



Parent Car Pick-ups in PM: Picking your child up at the end of the school day, you may start to use the access the road at 3:15. The procedure should mirror the Car Drop Off in the A.M. Proceed forward to the five designated parking areas. Students being picked up will stand with the monitor who will assist them in getting to the correct car. Once the parent arrives in one of the three parking areas, students should load on the passenger side of the car. Once loaded proceed through the parking lot and exit via Prince Street. The next five cars may pull up at this time. For Safety -Do not attempt to pass those that are loading.


ALL WALKING Students : will exit through the front playground on the Forge Road side of the building. Walking students will not be dismissed through the back playground nor the parking lot areas.