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Attendance Policy

Each day your child is absent, an automated call will come through the Alert Now system. You will receive a call by approximately 10 AM from the HS or MS and by 10:30 AM at the elementary level. If you have already called your child off, simply follow that with your typical note. If you have not yet called, please do so as soon as possible. If, however, you were unaware of the absence, please call the school office to follow up with the situation. 

We thank you for your understanding for this precaution and trust that you see this as a proactive step, on our part, for your children’s safety.

ATTENDANCE (excerpt from the Parent Handbook)


Students who are healthy and active should not miss more than ten days of school during the school year.

1. A parent or guardian should telephone the school by 8:50 AM for Elementary and report an absence. A note from a

parent is still required upon the student's return to school.

2. Report to the office immediately upon your return to school with a signed note stating the reason for your absence.

Failure to produce a parental note within three days will cause the absence to be defined as an unexcused absence.

Absences caused by religious holidays, student illness or death in the family are excusable. Excuses such as "visiting,"

"away from home," or "overslept" will not be accepted as excused and will be recorded as such.

3. If a student is absent three or more consecutive days, a doctor's note is required.

4. If your absence is unlawful/unexcused, you may not receive grades for make-up work.

5. Truancy and not reporting to school are serious offenses and will result in fines and/or suspension.

6. If you are absent from school, you may not attend or participate in any extra-curricular activities without principal


7. Requests for educational trips must be submitted to the office at least 3 days prior to the day of the trip and must be

submitted on the appropriate trip excusal form, which can be accessed from the School Office. Students are responsible for

any missed work.

No educational trips will be approved during PSSA testing dates. Please refer to the district calendar for those dates.


A student who is absent in excess of 10 days without doctor's permission will receive a letter of notification. This letter

informs the parents that future absences will require a doctor's excuse from your family physician. Failure to present a

doctor's excuse will result in the absence being recorded unexcused.

A student who has accumulated three unexcused days will receive a letter of notification indicating that any further

absences being recorded unexcused will result in either of the following:

1. If the student is under the age of 17, the student's parents or guardians will be cited for violation of the compulsory

education law.

2. If the student is 17 years of age or older, a parent/student/administrative conference may be held to determine the


TARDINESS TO SCHOOL (Elementary School)

A student is tardy when not in Homeroom by the 8:50 am bell. Students who arrive after 9:00am must report to the

nurse’s office for an admission/tardy slip. Students will be allowed 3 unexcused tardies to school per marking period.

Beginning with the 4th unexcused tardy and thereafter, a student will be referred to the building administrator.

Tardies will be marked unexcused if not verified, by a parent note, as having reasonable cause. The criterion for determining

a reasonable cause for tardiness is the same as the criterion for determining legal absence from school.


Early dismissals from school are acceptable only for the following reasons:

1. Professional medical services. (A note from the doctor or dentist is required upon a student's return to school.)

2. Personal illness approved by the school nurse or principal.

3. Emergencies approved by the school principal.