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Visitor Policy


All visitors requesting access to the building will be required to sign in and leave a form of photo identification (driver's license) in the office (to be returned upon signing out). 

All visitors who intend to remain on school property after transporting a student in the morning are required to enter the building through the front door and follow the visitor procedures stated above.

There has been a change in our lunch procedures.  Parents/guardians/grandparents are welcome to have lunch with their child(ren).  No outside foodsuch as (but not limited to) Wendys, McDonalds, Subway is permitted.  You may order a lunch from our cafeteria or pack a lunch from home (again, please, no fast food).  Please send a note with your child to order a lunch or call the school office by 9:00 am.  Only individuals who have submitted updated Act 34 (Criminal) and Act 151 (Child Abuse) clearances to the school office will be allowed outside for recess.  The Act 34 clearance can be submitted electronically the PA State Police website.  The Act 151 form can be accessed through the Childline and Abuse Registry at the Department of Public Welfare.

Thank you for your consideration for the safety and security of our students.