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CT Tragedy Counseling Resource

Dear Parents and Other Community Members,

At the time of the Columbine HS shooting, Ms. Cheri Lovre (Crisis Management Institute) became 
involved and has subsequently become a premier expert on school shootings and other tragedies. 
When the Nickel Mine, Amish school shooting hit the news, she picked up the phone, called IU13 
districts that were impacted, and offered her advice and resources. Since then, she has trained many
of us in Palmyra and other IU13 districts. I have called her for advice when we have had some of our 
own local tragedies, and she has earned my upmost respect. This afternoon I checked her website for 
insights but she had not yet addressed the recent situation. Based on a Friday night email from her, I 
now know that she was offering her expertise to those in CT. Please check out this link for support as 
you help your children work through their questions related to this tragedy and to see some interviews 
she has done.

You can also Google Cheri Lovre or Crisis Management Institute.

Sincerely, Dr. Van Noord