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MS PTO sponsors "You Can NOT Be Replaced

Information from the founders… Chip and Melissa Dayton


You Can NOT Be Replaced began in 2012 after the loss of a 7th student to suicide from our local high school. Our daughter Emily was a freshman with the first and a freshman in college for the last. Frustrated that there didn't seem to be an end and that the young people needed to be empowered to make an impact she blurted, 'Don't they realize they can’t be replaced?!' We started the organization by chance with the purchase of 500 passable wristbands for local kids. One donation for more and then another and 3 years later we have 65,000+ circulating the USA, Canada, UK and Australia. We have events for local students, work closely with our schools and travel outside our community to speak at schools and other communities.

Our goal is to reduce the factors that can contribute to someone in crisis while empowering young people and families to improve relationships, communication, and trust. Compassion for others, kindness and altruism are engrained in our passable wristbands and we hear storiesfrom all over the country from people who have been moved by them. We also address substance prevention and decision making while we encourage people to simplify and redefine success.

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We thank the MS PTO for their generous donation which made this assembly a possibility for our students.