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MS students compete in Math contest

PA Mathematics League Contest 2019

The PA Mathematics League contestis a difficult challenge offered to top math students across the state. Several PAMS students took on this challenge on February 26th.  They had to answer 35 multiple choice questions in only 30 minutes, but they could use a calculator. Here are results from our top scorers. 

**Theseare the highest scores we have had in the last five years.

Team Scores (top 5 scores added  together)

Grade 6 - 122

Grade 7 - 132

Grade 8 - 122

*  = top scorer

Top Students - Grade 6

* Carson Jablonski

Chase Reidmiller

Grayson Barger - not pictured

Sofie Price

Rachel Ross

Cade Palmer

Spencer Rhoads

Connor Stouffer-Funck

Top Students - Grade 7

*Andy Moss

Matthew Underwood

Jason McCurdy

Brayden Zettlemoyer

Samuel Kautz

Abigail Keiner

Top Students - Grade 8

*Isaiah Rohrer

Megan Kreiser

Nicholas Grumbine - not pictured

Bailee Geary

Keaira Haney