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Message for Students

At the elementary division, our staff has been working diligently to prepare for our “PASD Educational Offering” beginning on Monday, March 30th.  We couldn’t be more proud of the work our staff is putting into providing engaging opportunities for our students. Please understand that we are aware of the variety of family situations and unique needs during this trying time. We are offering an opportunity for students to have “calm engagement into learning opportunities.” Our goal is to provide learners with tools and activities that can support and engage to best prepare students for a strong transition back to school.

Please share the following video with your child as a way to get them engaged and excited for this opportunity. we ask our students to do the best they can and engage as much as possible to simply; learn. With that, we ask parents and caregivers to help as much as possible to see that students engage in learning. Your cooperation and support are greatly appreciated. Please let us know if you have any questions. You can expect to hear from your child’s classroom teacher at some point this week with more specific information.