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Thank you to our School Board Members!

                                    School Director Recognition Month

                                  Thank you to our School Board Members!

In honor of school boards’ commitment to our students, schools and communities, January is once again designated School Director Recognition Month.

Pennsylvania public schools educate nearly 2 million students and approximately 3,525 are in the Palmyra Area School District. The nine members of each local school board are a key part of the district’s administrative team, making informed decisions that shape public schools and provide a pathway to success for every student.

On average, school directors, who are unpaid, devote up to 10 hours per month to the challenging and complex responsibilities of board business, including adopting policy, voting on budgets, evaluating school security issues and reviewing hiring decisions. The impact of the coronavirus pandemic has added an additional challenge to school boards, as they determine how best to provide for the needs of students and their families in this new environment. During January, we ask everyone in the community to take time in some way to thank a school director for the time and effort they put into helping our schools. Thank them for the long hours spent at meetings and reading through paperwork. Thank them for making the difficult decisions on our behalf. Thank them for listening to our concerns. Thank them for serving every child, every day.

                    Palmyra Area School District Board of School Directors

                                                          Krista Barley

                                               Christopher Connell, President

                                                  Christine Fisher, Treasurer

                                                             Larry Geib

                                                           Suzan Gilligan

                                                          Beverly Hudson

                                                            James Kreiser

                                                        Gregory Krikorian

                                                 Jeffrey Putt, Vice President