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Parent/Student-Athlete Handbook




To the Parent


This material is presented to you because your son/daughter has indicated a desire to participate in interscholastic sports and you have expressed your willingness to permit him/her to compete.  We believe that participation in sports provides a wealth of opportunities and experiences that will endure a lifetime.  It is our hope to maintain a program that is sound in purpose and will further each student’s education maturity.


It is the role of the Department of Athletics to make rules that govern the spirit of competition for our school.  These rules need a broad basis of community support, which is achieved only through communication to the parent.  It is our hope to accomplish this objective through this athletic publication for student and parents.


To the Athlete


Being a member of a Palmyra athletic team is the fulfillment of an early ambition for many students. The attainment of this goal carries with it certain traditions and responsibilities that must be maintained. A great athletic tradition is not built overnight; it takes the hard work of many people over many years. As a team member of the Palmyra Area School District, you have inherited a wonderful tradition.  A tradition you are challenged to uphold.


Our tradition has been to win with honor.  We desire to win, but only win with honor to our athletes, our schools and our community. Such a tradition is worthy of the best efforts of all concerned.


When you put on the ORANGE and BLACK, we assume that you not only understand our traditions, but are willing to assume the responsibilities that go with them.  However, the contributions you make should be a satisfying accomplishment to you and your family.



Broaden yourself and develop strength of character.  Your academic studies, your participation in extra curricular activities, as well as in sports, prepare you for your life as an adult.


RESPONSIBILITIES TO YOUR SCHOOL...  you assume a leadership role when you  are onstage with the spotlight on you.  Your fellow students, the community and other communities judge our school by your conduct and attitudes, both on and off the field.


RESPONSIBILITIES TO OTHERS... you also bear a heavy responsibility to your home.  When you know in your heart that you have lived up to all the training rules, that you have practiced to the best of your ability every day, and that you have played the game “all out,” you can keep your self-respect and your family can be justly proud of you.


Also keep in mind that younger athletes are watching you.  They will copy you in many ways.  Set good examples for them.



Statement of Philosophy - The interscholastic athletic program at Palmyra High School is an integral part of the total educational program of the district.  Consequently, both coaches and players must understand that their actions both on and off the field helps determine what impression the community forms of the district as a whole. While we all take great pride in winning, it does not condone “winning at all costs.”  It discourages any and all pressures which might tend to neglect good sportsmanship and good mental health.  At all times the athletic program at Palmyra must be conducted in such a way as to justify it as an educational activity.


Multiple-Sports Participation   The Palmyra Area School District views athletics as part of the overall educational process.  Therefore, our school district encourages our students to participate in as many athletic/extra-curricular activities as possible.  The Palmyra Area School District supports coaches who demonstrate appropriate flexibility to work together to allow students to participate in as many activities as possible.


Athletic Goal & Objectives

Our Goal:  To provide the student athlete with an opportunity to participate in athletics fostering school spirit and teaching citizenship through sportsmanship.


Specific Objectives:  The student shall learn:

     To work with others... a person must develop self-discipline, respect for authority and the spirit of hard work and sacrifice.

     To be successful... our society is very competitive. We don’t always win, but we succeed when we continually strive to do so.

     To develop accept any defeat like a true sportsman, knowing we have done our best, we must learn to treat others as we would have others treat us.

     To improve… continual improvement is essential to good citizenship.  As an athlete, you must constantly try to reach that goal.

     To enjoy athletics... It is necessary for athletes to enjoy participation, to acknowledge all of the personal rewards to be derived from athletics and to give sufficiently of themselves in order to persevere and improve the program.


Athletic Code of Conduct

Student athletes are expected to abide by the Palmyra School District policies and rules as well as this code of conduct.  The rules contained in this code of conduct are established in the best interest of the student, the team and the Palmyra Area School District.  The student who complies with these rules demonstrates a desire to dedicate himself /herself to self-improvement as well as to enhance the best interests of fellow students, coaches and the school.  These rules must be observed year-round by all students.  Conduct which would reflect favorably on a student or the school includes, but is not limited to the following:

•Treat with respect: teammates, coaches, officials, opponents, spectators and equipment. Attitude, sportsman-ship and respect for authority are qualities we strive for in each athlete.  Coaches shall require and expect these in their programs.

•Be gracious in winning and graceful in losing.

•Display exemplary behavior at all times.  Fighting and all other unsportsmanlike conduct while representing the school will not be tolerated and may result in suspension and/or removal from the team. Students who participate in interscholastic athletics are subject to the District’s discipline policies.

•Athletes are guests at away events.  Any misconduct on the part of any athlete is a reflection on the good reputation of the school, the team, and the coach.

•Exercise self-control at all times.

•Refrain from the use of profane or foul language.


Use of Social Media Networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) to discuss your team, teammates, or coaches

in a negative manner is prohibited.  This will NOT be tolerated and if brought to the coach’s attention, will be dealt with immediately in a conference with the Athletic Director, High School Principal and Head Coach.  This will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.






Spectator Code of Conduct

The Palmyra Area School District strongly emphasizes the importance of GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP.

Remember you are at a contest to support and cheer for your team and to enjoy the skill and competition; not to intimidate or ridicule the other team, it’s fans or officials of the contest.  Interscholastic athletics are a learning experience for students and mistakes are sometimes made.    Praise student-athletes in their attempt to improve themselves as students, as athletes and as people.  Failure to demonstrate good SPORTSMANSHIP may result in a fan being removed from a contest.


Controlled Substance Code Of Conduct

Our athletic programs consider any involvement with drugs/alcohol/tobacco to be a violation of our rules and regulations.  These infractions will be dealt with on a case by case basis, after consultation between the Head Coach, Athletic Director and Building Principal.


Requirements for Participation

Physical Examination- A physical exam is required.  The PIAA Comprehensive Initial Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation (CIPPE FORM) must be completed according to state rules and regulations and submitted to the athletic office prior to participation. Physicals may not be performed earlier than June 1st and will be effective until the next May 31st.

•Emergency Medical Authorization - Each athlete’s parent/guardian shall complete an Emergency Medical Authorization form giving permission for treatment by a physician or hospital when parents/guardians are not available.  This form will be kept on file with the coach for availability at all times. 

Parent-Student Athletic Handbook – This handbook must be read and the signature sheet signed by both parent and student and returned to athletic office prior to sport participation.

Activity Assessment Fee -An activity assessment fee of $40 will be imposed on any Palmyra School District student athlete enrolled in grades 7-12.  This fee will be applied for each season an athlete participates.  An exemption will be imposed for student athletes who are eligible for free or reduced lunches.  This fee does not guarantee “playing time” for student athletes. Cheerleaders who cheer for both the fall & winter squads will only be assessed a one-time fee.


Games and Practices

Attend all practices and games.  Personal appointments should be made so as to not conflict with regularly scheduled games and practices.  If an athlete reports to school after 8:30 am unexcused, he/she is not eligible to participate in any athletic event or practice that day.  PASD athletes with an excused absence must be in school by 10:30 am to be eligible for participation for that day without prior approval from the principal.  Any athlete on a college visit or an extended medical appointment may participate in athletics for that day provided it is an excused absence.


Attendance and Eligibility:  Student athletes shall:

•Attend all classes and display acceptable classroom behavior at all times.  As a member of a sports team, you must participate in Physical Ed. on the day of the sporting evening/practice in order to participate in your sport that day.

•Keep schoolwork up-to-date, establish good study habits and meet the eligibility requirements established by the school district below:

Weekly Grade Check –On Friday’s, the Athletic Director will review the grades of all students involved in athletics. If a student is failing two or more classes, the Athletic Director will notify the Coach that the student will be ineligible to participate in the sport Sunday through Saturday of the next week.  (If school is not in session on Friday, grades will be reviewed on Monday and ineligibility will begin immediately.)

The Coach will notify the student.   Students deemed ineligible as a result of a weekly grade check may not attend practices or games during their week of ineligibility.



HS Quarterly Grade Check – Students who are failing two or more classes at the end of the quarter will be ineligible for 15 school days upon notification of ineligibility.   The marking period grade will be used to

determine eligibility unless the course concludes at the end of the marking period, in which case the final course grade will be used. End of year grades will be used to determine eligibility for the fall semester.  Students deemed ineligible as a result of a quarterly grade check may continue to participate in practice during the 15 school days but may not participate in games.


MS Quarterly Grade Check – Immediately after marking period grades have been finalized, the Athletic Director will review the grades of all students involved in athletics. If a student is failing two or more classes, the Athletic Director will notify the Coach that the student will be ineligible for the next 15 school days.   The Coach will notify the student.  Students deemed ineligible as a result of a quarterly grade check may continue to practice during the 15 school days but may not participate in games.  Students who fail two courses for the year (F1) will be ineligible during the first 15 school days of the following school year.


Dress - A member of the Palmyra athletic team is expected to be well-groomed.  “He/she shows up best who shows off least.”  Appearance, expression and actions always influence people’s opinions of athletes, teams and the school.  An athlete shall dress presentable at all times, on trips, assemblies or banquets.  Only uniforms issued by the department of athletics will be permitted to be worn for contests.


Quitting/Cuts - If a student is cut or quits a sport within the first two weeks of the official start of that sport, he or she would be permitted to enter another sport in season with the approval of both coaches involved.  If an athlete wishes to leave the team, he or she should consult with the coach.  Students wishing to come out for a sport after the season begins must have the Athletic Director’s approval.


Equipment - All athletes will be issued equipment as appropriate. It is the athlete’s responsibility to take care of the equipment and return it at the end of the season in good condition.  Loss or destruction of any equipment is the athlete’s financial obligation.


Vacations - Vacations by athletic team members during a sport season are discouraged.  Parents/athletes wishing to do so may wish to reassess their commitment to being an athlete. In the event that an absence occurs due to a vacation, an athlete must:

1.   Contact the head coach prior to vacation.

2.   Be willing to accept the consequences related to their status on that squad as a starter, 2nd string, etc.


Double Sports Policy- This applies to both middle school and high school sports.

•Any athlete who wishes to participate in two (2) sports simultaneously must follow the procedure:

1.  The athlete must declare to both coaches which is to be the primary sport.

2.  A meeting between the athlete, his/her parents and the coaches involved is highly suggested.

3.  If a conflict arises, the student will honor their primary sport without question.  State

     tournaments and conference contests will have priority over non-conference contests.


Travel and Transportation  -  All athletes must travel to and from all out-of-town practices and contests in transportation provided by the athletic department unless previous arrangements have been made by the parents for exceptional situations.  A written note must be handed to the athletic director or coach.  If an athlete misses the bus to the game, the parent or a designated adult, may transport the athlete to the game providing a note is written by the parent or designated adult to the coach stating the situation and the athlete will ride the bus home.  Athletes may not drive or transport themselves or others to games unless approved by the principal and athletic director.


Athletic Training Services - The school district does offer athletic training located at the High school.  All injuries, which occur while participating in a school sport, must be reported to the trainer.


Team and Individual Discipline - Each coach will have discipline rules for minor in-fractions, such as inattention to directions, horseplay, tardiness to practice, etc.  These rules shall be put in writing and will be covered at practice.



Temporary Suspension From a Team or Squad - Temporary suspensions will be made by the coach of the sport, Athletic Director and Principal. Causes for temporary suspensions may include but not be limited to the following:

     A.  Grades                                                                        

     B.  Personal Misconduct                                                    

     C.  Unexcused absences from meetings, practices or contests.

     D.  Violation of Athletic Policies  

     E.  Unsportsmanlike conduct  

     F.  Any form of hazing / initiation



Removal from a Team or Squad - Removal from a team or squad will be made by the coach of the sport, Athletic Director and/or Principal. The Athletic Director and Principal will confer with the coach before any removal is taken.  Causes for removal from a team may include, but not be limited to the following:

   A.  Continued violation of the Palmyra Area School District Policies.

   B.  Repeated violations of school, athletic or team policies.

   C.  Verbal or physical attack upon an opponent, contest official, teacher, fan, coach or any other person.

   D.  Continued acts of unsportsmanlike conduct .

   E.  Any form of hazing / initiation.



Parent/Coach Relations

•Both coaching and parenting are extremely difficult vocations.  By establishing an understanding of each position, we are better able to accept the actions of the other and provide a greater benefit to student-athlete.  As parents, when your son/ daughter becomes involved in our programs, you have a right to understand what expectations are placed on your student-athlete.



Communication expected from your Coach

 •Expectations the coach has for your student-athlete. 

 •Locations and times of all practices and contests team requirements, i.e. fees, off-season programs.

 •Team rules and guidelines.



Communication expected from Athletes

•Notification of any schedule change in advance

•Special concerns in regard to expectations, player role, playing time, “coaches philosophy” and ways

 a player can improve



Appropriate Concerns to discuss with Coaches

 •The treatment of your son/daughter both mentally and physically.

 •Ways to help your son/daughter improve.

 •Concerns about your athlete’s behavior.




Things that must be left up to the Coach

•Playing time

•Team Strategy

•Play Calling



If you have a Concern to discuss with a Coach


•There are situations that may require a conference between the Coach and the Parents.  These are to be encouraged.  When these conferences are necessary, the following procedure should be followed to help promote a resolution to the issue of concern:

       1.  Please do not attempt to confront a coach before or after a contest or practice. These can be

            emotional times for both parent and the coach.

       2.  Call the coach to set up an appointment.

       3.  If you cannot reach the coach, call the Athletic Director.  He will set up the appointment for you.

What can a parent do if the meeting with the coach did not provide a satisfactory resolution?

Call to set up an appointment with the Athletic Director to discuss the situation.  At this meeting the appropriate next step can be determined.




We hope the information provided in this Parent/Player Guide helps pave the way to a positive experience for your son/daughter.  Please feel free to call the Athletic Office at 838-1331, Extension 8 should you have additional questions.










I have received and understand the Palmyra Area School District’s

Parent-Student Athletic Handbook.




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