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**UPDATE** (March 2019) The district administration and Board of School Directors continue to explore alternative options for the placement of turf fields in the school district.  In February 2019 and continuing into March 2019, the Board is exploring the option of two turf fields at the high school campus.  The document below details a sketch of the proposed fields.  Any movement of fields away from Buck Swank Stadium increase project costs due to the loss of existing infrastructure that exists at the stadium.  Additionally, the option of two fields at the Ridge Road complex is being refined in terms of costs and remains a potential option for the Board. The administration and Board are reviewing costs and payment options for the project at these various locations.  The Board will continue discussions at the March 14, 2019 Buildings and Grounds Committee meeting.

 March 2019 Revised Site Plan

**UPDATE** (January 2019) Due to storm water management concerns at the Palmyra Area Middle School site, the district administration and Board of School Directors have explored alternate locations for the turf field project. The link below details the proposed fields at the Palmyra Area High School and Northside Elementary School.

**UPDATE**  (July 2018)  The school district has engaged the A.R.M. Group, an Earth Resource Engineering firm, to conduct geophysical scanning and improvements to the existing stormwater management at the middle school campus.  This work will continue through the summer/early fall of 2018. Once complete, the district will finalize storm water management plans and submit for the appropriate permits and variances necessary for the turf project.

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