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Title I Information


Palmyra Area School District Elementary Reading Support Services 

Our reading support services targets students who need additional support with literacy (reading, writing, word work, etc.). Identified students receive reading support from reading specialists and/or instructional aides. Throughout the year, students’ reading progress is monitored, and they may begin or end these services based on assessments and teacher recommendations


Reading Specialist Support - STARS

Reading specialist support may be provided by either pushing into the classroom or pulling students out of the classroom to work in small groups. 


Push In Reading Support: Reading specialist works in the classroom with students.  Reading specialist may model a new intervention or strategy for the classroom teacher. 


Pull Out Reading Support: Reading specialist works with small groups of students in the reading room.  


****Title I Parent Meeting - November 20th, 2020 ****

Please join us for our Title I Parent Meeting on November 20th, 2020 via Microsoft Teams

Title I Parent Meeting Presentation - November 2020


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