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Physical Education Course Syllabus


Essential Learning:

Students will be expected to know, understand and do the following as they relate to each game or activity.

-      History of the game/ activity.

-      Fundamental skills associated with the game/ activity.

-      Terminology of the game/ activity.

-      Basic offensive and defensive skills/ strategies.

-      Knowledge of rules and procedures.

-      Wellness and fitness benefits of the game/ activity.

Pacing Guide:

Activities offered will be in the following order for the first semester, then the order is reversed for semester two. Activities may be adjusted or modified due to weather or facility related conflicts.

           9thgrade                                           10th grade                                       11thgrade

Course introduction                      Course Introduction                 Course Introduction          

Hands only CPR                           Hands only CPR                     Hands only CPR

Principles of warm-up                  Principles of warm-up             Principles of warm-up

Pre-FitnessGram Testing             Pre—FitnessGram Testing    Pre FitnessGram Testing

Speedminton                                 Softball                                    Recreational games

Soccer                                            Paddle tennis                           Tennis

Flag Football                                  Street Hockey                          Disc games

Intro to Fitness                              Fitness  Training                       Advanced fitness training

Tchoukball                                     Badminton                                Pickleball

Post Fitness Gram Testing              Post Fitness Gram Testing      Post Fitness Gram Testing

Volleyball                                         Volleyball                                Volleyball       


Note: If a substantial number of seniors are present in one, or both classes scheduled to use the gym, seniors may be grouped together and activities could be modified as per group preference.        


                                     Physical Education Discipline Plan:    


1.    Be on time and prepared with an appropriate change of clothing.

2.    Be courteous and respectful of teachers and other students.

3.    Perform all activities to the best of your ability.

4.    Be understanding of the differing abilities of your classmates

5.    Keep yourself under control at all times. This includes your mouth, body parts and any equipment you are issued during class.


1.    Verbal reminder.

2.    Verbal reminder and phone call/ email home.

3.    Verbal reminder, phone call/ email home and teacher assigned detention. (2:50-3:15)

4.    Verbal reminder, phone call/ email home, teacher assigned detention and a request for parent/ teacher conference with administrative approval/ participation.

5.    An Administrative Referral will be filed for disciplinary procedures.

Severe Clause: If a student is an immediate threat to the safety or well-being of him/ herself or others, one or all the above steps may be waived.



Student assessment will be based on the following four criteria: preparation (change of clothing), participation (being on task), skill mastery (skill tests, observation, application) and cognitive (written) assessments. Each area will be worth 25 points with some variation due to the length of certain units. Students who are excused for an extended period of time due to a physicians’ note will be assigned a written report for each unit missed and will complete any written assessment associated with those units. Students must attempt all areas of activity unless otherwise excused. Failure to successful complete physical education may result in additional physical education classes being scheduled to complete the physical education graduation requirement.

NOTE: 4pts will be deducted from your participation grade for every absence after the first two each marking period unless made up by the end of that marking period. According to the revised administrative procedure, all absences are eligible to be made up, within the teacher approved timeframe, for full credit by the student.

Class Preparation Procedures

Each student is required to remove all jewelry and have a change of clothing for participation in Physical Education class. Examples of acceptable attire are a bathing suit for aquatics (one piece), for physical education a T-shirt, with sleeves, unaltered and free of  inappropriate logos, athletic shorts of appropriate length/ fit, athletic socks and tied sneakers. Warm up suits and sweat shirts/ pants are acceptable as long as they adhere to the above restrictions. Unacceptable attire would include but not be limited to dress shorts, frayed or tattered shorts/ shirts, designer/ fashion shirts, low cut neck lines, revealing or see through clothing or clothing that bears the midriff. The supervising teacher will inform you if your attire is unacceptable or issue a warning if questionable. The building administrators may be called to determine whether attire falls within these guidelines. The following consequences will occur for non-compliance:

1st time unprepared or inappropriately prepared for class- 4pts will be deducted from the preparation, participation (on task) and skill portions or your grade and an in class written assignment will be assigned.

2nd time unprepared or inappropriately prepared for class- same as 1st unprepared plus parent/ guardian notification

3rd time unprepared or inappropriately prepared for class- same as 2nd unprepared plus a teacher assigned detention.

4th and any additional times unprepared or inappropriately prepared for class- same as 3rd unprepared except teacher assigned detention will be turned over to the administration for an administrative consequence and a parent conference will be requested.

Regular class attendance is required. Make ups will not be permitted for unprepared or class cut situations. Make ups are required for Nurse’s excuses (1 per marking period), absences from school and sports/ school function dismissals. Make ups must be scheduled within six (6) days of the absence and can be completed during academic prep or after school. Extended medical excusals are required to complete written work in order to obtain a grade for physical education. Please remember to get an excusal note from your attending physician stating exactly what you can and can not do in regards to your injury. This note should be turned in to the nurse at which time she will issue you paperwork that should be given to your teacher.



*Acceptable attire for physical education or aquatics class shall

include: a bathing suit for aquatics; for physical education, standard non-modified crew neck T-shirt, athletic shorts, athletic socks and tied sneakers with support for athletic movement.

Warm-up suits/sweat attire will also be acceptable for activity.


Attire not acceptable includes but is not limited to: cut-off or frayed shirts or shorts, jean shorts, bare midriffs, spandex shorts or pants, pajamas/bed pants, School-issued team uniforms, graphics on clothing which imply offensive, obscene, violent, or drug/sex/alcohol related gestures, slogans or signs. Clothing items should be clean and fit properly.


                  The building administrators may be called to determine whether attire falls within these guidelines.










Make-ups required:


·       Absences from school

·       Nurse excuse

·       Parent excuse


All classes not made up will adversely affect your grade as stated on syllabus.


Make-ups not required:


·       Physician's excuse (subject to periodic re-evaluation)

·       Sports dismissals

·       School sponsored activities excusal during class time.


If you are a member of a sports team, you must participate in P.E. on the day of the sporting event/practice or you may not participate in your sport that day.

Please notify the instructor prior to an event so that a class absence will not be charged.


Students will be responsible for completing any assignments (fitness tests, skill tests, written assignments, etc.) missed as a result of absence.


When a student has a slight ailment and can participate, discuss the problem with the instructor. The teacher may then make allowance for the condition during the class period and modify activity.


The school district does not make provisions for a formal rehabilitative program in physical education. However, when accident, injury, or other physical condition prohibits a student from carrying out the regular program, a modified program may be developed in conjunction with the student’s physician. Classes missed, except as stated above, must be made up if credit is to be received. Making arrangements for make-ups is the sole responsibility of the student.





Personal locks and lockers are available for security of individual’s property in physical education classes. Care and

protection of valuables is the student's responsibility. All locks must be returned at the end of the course or a replacement fee will be charged.