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The Cougar Academy is Palmyra Area School District's cyber school serving students in grades K-12. Enrollment in the Cougar Academy allows the district to deliver the same high-quality education as students in the traditional school receive while keeping funding local. Cougar Academy students are considered Palmyra students and will receive a Palmyra diploma. They are eligible to participate in all sports, clubs, and activities.

Elementary and middle-school (K-8) curriculum consists of online courses in the four academic areas of reading / language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies as well as optional electives. The high school curriculum (9-12) allows students to choose necessary courses in order to meet PASD graduation requirements. 


Although the ability to access the coursework and complete assignments on-line is a vital component of this educational program, the district believes the access to a certified teacher is just as important. Therefore, students work in a direct partnership with a Palmyra Area School District teacher and learning coach using e-mail, phone, and/or instant messaging.


The courses are designed to allow for a student to work at his or her own pace; however, the student’s teacher and learning coach will monitor progress and offer assistance as needed to complete the coursework in a timely manner. All grades will be kept in PowerSchool so that parents and students can check grades online.

Students in the Cougar Academy have an individualized schedule that may be made up of the following options:

  1. Online at home- students have the ability to work completely online at home, similar to a traditional cyber school.

  2. Hybrid schedule- in this model, students would attend PASD classes for a portion of the day and work at home for the other portion.

  3. Hybrid schedule with Cougar Academy room (grades 9-12)- students can take some courses in the high school building and others in the Cougar Academy room during the school day. 


Course instructional materials are provided to access the courses via the Internet. The courses are provided to Palmyra Area School District residents tuition free. Cougar Academy students will receive a laptop, printer/scanner/fax, and reimbursement of Internet service charges for the school year. 

Students in our online program have full access to district resources including teachers, administrators, guidance counselors, athletics, performing arts and instrumental lessons. Students have access to the following instructional technology programs depending on grade level: Reading Eggs, Ed City Math, Study Island, World Book Online, Brain Pop and Google Apps for Education.

Please contact Dr. Knudsen if you would like to schedule a phone call or Zoom session to learn more about the program and have an opportunity to ask questions about a schedule for your child.

Dr. KK Knudsen

Supervisor of Instructional Technology and Online Learning